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Raspberry BIO coconut chips

A strong flavor, suitable for energy supplements in sports and long-term work performance.

The new ENERGY line has been developed in collaboration with nutrition specialists to meet the demands of sporty and active people who do not want to consume artificial and chemically grown food and bother their bodies with constant caffeine and sugar swings.

BIO coconut chips Sense Coco ENERGY are high-energy foods based on the flesh of walnut, coconut. Nuts belong to the category of high-energy foods rich in fats. Coconut chips have the great advantage of having a lower glycemic index due to their higher fat content than snacks based on dried fruit. This ensures that the energy is released more slowly, making them a more suitable food.

Their high caloric density makes them an excellent choice for energy-intensive training, extreme sports or long-term work performance. The flavor of the coconut chips can therefore only serve you. 100% ORGANIC, BIO, VEGAN

High energy food with a value of 6 on a scale of 1 - 10



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80,6% bio coconut chips, 9,7% bio maple syrup, 6,4% bio coconut chips, 3,3% freeze-dried raspberries.
40 g

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