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About Us

High quality products, fair business, respect to the nature and connection of different worlds, these are the virtues which stands with the foundation of Sense Coco.

Our story

SENSE COCO is a company, that commits to bring people high quality BIO products from coconuts in pure form without any destructive productive processes.

We give to our customers only products, which are 100 % high-quality and healthful. That´s why we test all we do on ourselves before we bring it to the market.

We want to achieve one big change of all common food products to BIO standard, which would be accesible to anyone. It will be a hard and long journey to produce something which is entirely from nature, but we believe that what comes from it, is always sincerely accepted and in the same time it will be the best for us and our planet. Our company resides in Czech republic, where we produce most of our products. In our production strand are involved business partners. The biggest one is in the heart of Sri Lanka, the birth place of the king Coconut.

The founder of the company, Jaroslav Macháček said: ,,My belief that the BIO products must become the new standard for anyone, appeared and grew in my head during the years of living abroad. After a few of my journeys to discover the world I realised that my BIO thinking and concerns are far from any kind of reality. When I visited Sri Lanka for the first time and tasted coconut water, everything was decided in instant moment. The beauty of coconut trees, the nature, people. Everything amazed me so much, that I later decided to establish Sense Coco brand based on everything biological, naturally pure and life-bringing.”



We are fair

For our business is fundamental to be fair. We work together with ecologically certified company from the very heart of Sri Lanka, that associates well known small and mediate groups of coconut producers. We try our best to support sustainability of agriculture community in many ways. Only the local farmers know all about growth and fabrication of this beautiful fruit. The basis of our help to them is in the fair prices of their production. The higher average of the prices supports the better life standard for all participating coconut producers. 




Change the world to healthier place

All that is healthy and fulfilled by life, blooms! Our BIO products are made only out of fruits and botanical commodities , which rise from controlled and ecological agriculture. This kind of approach do not use any chemical additives. During the production of bio food are not used pesticide affusions, industry fertilizers or antibiotics. The right fabrication of bio coconuts forbids any kind of chemical additives like artificial dye-stuff, sweeteners, preservatives or synthetic flavours. Also, our associated producers don´t use ionic irradiation or genetic engineering.

SENSE COCO is a proud holder of certification VEGAN, national BIO certification / green zebra and european BIO brand / green leaf. Besides that you can find on our products all necessary codes of certificates we keep up. Our business partner in Sri Lanka is a holder of american national certification USDA Organic that is given under the criteria for ecological agriculture. This federal organisation aims to support local trade, ecological production procedures, the communities of producers, preservation of the nature, asssurance of the food quality and also the sedation of the hunger in some regions in many countries around the world.



Sense coco values

Advertising resources

From the very beginning are all our efforts focused on our products and enviromental conscience. We decided that only the most quality product will be the best advert. Our priority is the communication with our customers. We try our best not to opress our planet by worthless advertising material and therefore another waste.

We would like to give back our resources and profits back where they belong - back to Sri Lanka.